Okay, we know that you want to be the most awesome pet owners out there, but you might be concerned with the costs associated with that distinction. Yes, pets do cost money, but they will reward your generosity with unconditional love. And there are some easy ways to save on some of the costs of owning a pet that will make you happier as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

Buy Your Pet Food in Bulk: Although buying a 50 lb. bag of dog food or cat food will cost more initially than a 5 lb. bag, you will save so much money in the long run by buying the larger bag of food. You can visit your local grocery or pet store, or you can shop online, which may offer even bigger savings.

Buy Your Pet Supplies Online as Well: You will find a pattern here, but it is true. There are many discount online pet stores out there that offer affordable pet supplies. They are able to cut out the middle man and pass on the savings to their customers. In addition to that, you can sign up for subscription billing for many items to help you save even further.

Keep Your Pets Vaccinated and Get Regular Checkups: Yes, vaccines do cost money and so do preventative checkups at the vet. But, as with human health, those preventative steps can help you catch serious illnesses early on, which can reduce how much you spend on medical costs overall. Plus, your pet will thank you for putting his or her best interest first. Pet insurance might be a good idea as well if you want peace of mind in the event that those costs start to skyrocket.

Form a Pet Sitting Circle with Family and Friends: There may be times when you have to leave your pet for a few days or more. If you decide to board your pet in a kennel, the cost of doing so can be pretty expensive. Plus, your pet’s not going to understand why he or she is not at home with you. We like the idea of forming a pet sitting circle with your family and friends where you agree to sit for each other when needed. It’s a good way to save money and keep your pets at ease when you go away.