Football season is finally here and fans across the country are donning their favorite team’s gear as they get set for another exciting season. But these days it’s not just people who can show off their allegiance. Man’s best friend can also now be one of your team’s most loyal fans thanks to football-themed pet supplies that are available for dogs.

Whether you’re sitting at home watching the games on the couch or in the parking lot tailgating, you’ll find there’s nothing better than having your dog by your side, decked out in football fashion and ready to cheer on your team with you.

To help this dream become a reality, here are some of the best dog supplies on the market for die-hard football fans.

Team Dog Bandana: One of the simpler, more discrete pieces of fan gear you can put on your dog is a team dog bandana. This is not a bad option for dogs that are difficult to dress up.

Team Collar & Leash: Another easy addition to your dog’s fan attire, simply buy a collar and leash that sport your favorite NFL team.

Pet Jersey: It’s not hard to find a pet jersey for virtually any NFL football team. Your dog will fit right in with the rest of your team’s fans while wearing an NFL pet jersey.

Team Cheerleader Doggy Dress: If your dog is female and you’d rather not cross gender lines, perhaps an NFL cheerleader uniform for dogs would work better for you.

Team Knit Hat: Even a dog’s head can get cold during winter games. Help keep them warm while tailgating by buying an NFL pet knit hat.

Squeaky Dog Football: Since your dog might not have the same attention span as you when it comes to watching football, it’d be a good idea to also get them a squeaky dog football toy to play with while the game is on.

Custom Pet ID Team Tag: Keep your dog spirited while also keeping them safe. Having a pet ID tag is a must on all dogs, but why not spruce it up a bit by adding your favorite team’s logo?

Team Pillow Bed: Cheering on your favorite NFL team can get exhausting. Have a nice pillow bed that’s covered with your team’s logo for your dog to crash in after a long day of hanging by your side.