cat-2Just like people, cats can also suffer from allergies. Feline allergies are common in cats that have just recently been adopted or brought into a new surrounding. When these allergens become present, your cat’s immune system becomes more sensitive, thus irritating them and developing into feline allergies. These allergens may not be apparent to you or even other household pets, but your cat is definitely aware that these allergens exist.

There are three main categories that cat allergies can fall into: flea allergy, environmental allergies, and food allergies.

Flea Allergies
If you notice your cat has become increasingly itchy, chances are they are fighting off fleas. Just like dogs, cats are also susceptible to fleas and their bites. However, evidence of actual fleas may be harder to determine as cats are self-groomers. All of their licking and self-cleaning typically removes fleas from their surface, just leaving behind their bite marks. With the right cat supplies, like long term flea control medication, you can help your cat fight off the annoying fleas.

Environmental Allergies
Whether you have a cat that prefers to stay indoors or skulk about outside, environmental allergens are present everywhere. From outside pollen to inside dust, cats can be affected by a multitude of environmental factors. Signs that your cat is suffering from an environmental allergy include feverishly licking, chewing, or scratching any area of their body. This means the pollen or dust is irritating their skin and they are looking for relief from anyway possible.

Food Allergies
As humans, we’re still finding new food allergies that can affect us. From gluten intolerance to lactose intolerance, the number of food allergies is growing. The same can be said for cats and their diets. Regardless of age, cats can develop food allergies at any time. In addition to gastrointestinal signs (gas, diarrhea, vomiting), cats can also develop skin problems and ear infections as a result of their food allergy.

With the proper medications and cat supplies, you can help your cat fend off these annoying allergy attacks.